console 3.0.0-beta41

This release includes support for comments and several improvements to scheduled reports and manual ticket creation actions. There are also improvements to file names downloaded from the web console.



When viewing the Details of a Fingerprint in the Triage view, a user can view list of comments associated to a fingerprint, and can create new / edit their comments. This feature is in beta.

New Web Console as Default

Users can choose to have the new Web Console be their default using the Set As Default button after they login. This setting is also available under Organization Settings / My Account / Early Access toggles.

Manual Issue Creation

When viewing a fingerprint in the Triage view, a user can choose to create a new Issue in an external Issue Tracking System like Jira. See more information in Integrating with Jira and other Issue Tracking Systems


  • Allow New Web Console banner for 24 hours.
  • Ability to add optional message for customer’s login screens.
  • File name improved for raw minidump file download.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes scheduled reports now to adhere to project switcher.
  • Rename Cisco Spark to Cisco Web Ex.