similarity 1.2.0

This version adds support for dynamic parameters. intersection and distance parameters can now take the string “dynamic” instead of an integer. The service will calculate appropriate values based on callstack.

similarity 1.1.0

This update adds issue status (e.g. resolved, in-progress) in the response for both candidate and summary endpoints.

Backtrace Unity 3.1.0

Version 3.1.0

This release adds an ability to capture native NDK crashes from Unity games deployed on Android. The Backtrace Configuration now exposes a setting for games being prepared for Android OS to choose Capture native crashes. When enabled, Backtrace will capture and symbolicate native stack traces from crashes impacting the Unity Engine or any Unity Engine Plugin.

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connector 1.2.5

Google Stadia:

  • Added more detailed log messages for Stadia Pub/Sub messages. Right now connector users can see donwloaded files from storage service,
  • Added detailed information about Google Stadia report generation. Right now we will provide an information when we end fetching all necessary data from Google Cloud Storage, or when data is incomplite.
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