backtrace-coronerd 1.51.10

This release introduces more aggressive pruning of file descriptors associated with objects and resource forks. Recommended for high volume users.

backtrace-coronerd 1.51.5

This release is recommended for all users using sampling or PLCrashReporter. The release includes fixes to the storage manager introduced in the last release with respect to deleting sampled objects, sampling configuration schemas and significant improvements to the PLCrashReporter including improved demangling, exception callstack extraction and more built-in attribute extraction.

backtrace-coronerd 1.50.15

This release is recommended for all users. Significant performance improvements to query performance and start up time are included as well as improved analysis of PLCrashReporter errors. New features include per-project storage sampling configuration, metrics import, multiple aggregation filters, HTTP/2 support and more.

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