mela 1.3.8

This upgrade fixes the issue of PS5 core dumps being incorrectly set with a uname.sysname of ps4. PS5 dumps are now set with a value of ps5.

backtrace-overview 0.7.0

This release is recommended for all users. This version adds distribution charts to the overview page, enabling an easy way to view the breakdown of errors by application version, errors by platform, errors by classifiers, and triage status.

backtrace-ptrace 1.33.1

This release contains a significant (orders of magnitude) performance improvement in the absence of valid .debug_aranges or if the --no-aranges option is used. All users are recommended to upgrade.

backtrace-coronerd 1.55.50

This release is recommended for all users. This release includes support for summed events, extensions to the submission actions features, small improvements to the query engine, bug fixes and security improvements.

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