Backtrace Unity 3.0.3

This release includes significant improvements to performance by way of report filtering as well as improved performance diagnostics. Learn more below.

  • BacktraceClient now supports report filtering. Report filtering is enabled by using the Filter reports option in the user interface or for more advanced use-cases, the SkipReport delegate is available in BacktraceClient.

Sample code: ```csharp // Return true to ignore a report, return false to handle the report // and generate one for the error. BacktraceClient.SkipReport = (ReportFilterType type, Exception e, string msg) => { // ReportFilterType is one of None, Message, Exception, // UnhandledException or Hang. It is also possible to // to filter based on the exception and exception message.

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console 3.13.0

This release introduces aggregation filters in the explore-aggregate and triage views. Requires coronerd version 1.48.9 for adding an individual aggregation filter. Requires coronerd version 1.49.1 for multiple aggregation filters.

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Backtrace Unity 3.0.2

  • BacktraceDatabase now provides a new Send method. This method will try to send all objects from the database respecting the client side deduplication and retry setting. This can be used as an alternative to the Flush method which will try to send all objects from the database ignoring any client side deduplication and retry settings.
  • BacktraceClient has been optimized to only serialize data as needed.
  • BacktraceDatabase AutoSend function has been optimized for performance improvements.
  • BacktraceClient by default will generate configuration file with client rate limit equal to 50.
  • Fixed invalid meta file.
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symbold 2.2.2

This release introduces Teams capabilities.

  • Routes of this service that involve projects that the requesting user does not have access to will return a 403.