backtrace-coronerd 1.61.114

This release is recommended for all users.


  • JSON resource forks that reference sourcemaps with embedded source content will now contain that source. The source code is presented in the debug view when available.


  • Improve authentication for /api/issue so that it does not allow API tokens to access other projects in a universe
  • Add /api/issue_control/merge_fingerprints and /api/issue_control/unmerge_fingerprints to handle issue merging and unmerging, as a replacement for old, soft-deprecated CRDB-based interfaces.
    • If you are using morgue or the Backtrace console, a Coronerd upgrade will use these automatically.
  • LL/SC support in CRDB has been removed.
  • Add /api/project/list_users endpoint to list users in a project.
  • Guests can no longer see other users via BPG.
  • Fix many edge cases related to submission actions when attempting to add tags to errors.
  • Make it possible to create reopen rules for >= some_version, as well as > some_version.
  • /api/bpg now validates that Content-Type: application/json is set.
  • Fix caching of the truncate_timestamp virtual column, accelerating queries used in stability score.
  • Universe names for new universes must now be under 64 characters.
  • Fixed crash in PDB conversion when importing a PDB without no global records.
  • No longer attempt to submit attachments for a sampled error report.
  • Fixed symbol resolution in DIA SDK style errors.
  • Fixed potential infinite loop when importing dSYM symbols containing zero line numbers.
  • Improvements to sourcemap deobfuscation for more accurate line numbers.
  • Added support for accepting archives of sourcemaps.
  • dSYM symbols may now be imported alongside the executable without stripping the .dSYM extension.
  • Symbol conversion can now be performed using bt_symbols_convert wrapper, which simplifies handling of all supported symbol formats, including auxiliary files.
  • Symbol tags containing quotes are now handled properly.
  • /api/get now emits an X-Object-Format header which indicates the type of the returned object.