backtrace-ptrace 1.28.0

This release includes additional rules for better deduplication of faults.

This version of ptrace includes new functionality and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to upgrade.

Features and Improvements

  • A new option --fault-regexes has been introduced to marked matching frames (by name) as faulting. This should help in cases where a process did not die because of a signal, e.g. a C++ exception with an exception handler performing a clean shutdown.

  • Added __cxa_throw to the list of ignored frames in the callstack rules.

  • Added std::terminate() to the list of terminating frames in callstack rules.

  • Improved ASAN rules regarding starting function.

Bug Fixes

  • Tweaked the function module to tag with a classifier if no argument checker rules are provided. This fixed the missing asan classifier.