backtrace-libbt 1.18.10

This release includes improvements to --map-path options for the processing of core dump files, significant performance improvements, support for GNU DWARF compression extensions and improved unwinding and variable resolution accuracy. All users are recommended to upgrade.

Map Path Handling

Previously, linker entries extracted from core dump files did not respect the --map-path option (sysroot-equivalent for GDB). This is now respected.

Performance Improvements

Line number resolution performance for certain workloads is improved by 30% to 70% through micro-optimizations to the sorting algorithm.

Unwinding and Variable Resolution Accuracy

Previously, only FORM_data and FORM_addr fields were respected for AT_high_pc attributes, FORM_udata is also respected now. It was possible for debug information associated with a compilation unit to be missed if FORM_udata was used.

DWARF Compression

Support has been added for various GNU extensions (namely, FORM_GNU_ref_alt and FORM_GNU_strp_alt) used by the dwz DWARF compression tool. These are required by customers utilizing DWARF compression with dwz. Learn more here.