backtrace-coronerd 1.59.55

This release is recommended for all users. The release includes security fixes and optimizations to processing time, disk and memory usage.


  • In certain situations attachments took an excessive time to get processed.

  • Multiple improvements to driving workflow integrations. These address certain issues around integrations becoming stuck, firing multiple times, and missed activations.

  • Multiple improvements to robustness of pdb, dwarf, and minidump and symbol conversion. These address parsing of unwind info, interpreting thread contexts, matching debug ids, inline records, line number lookups, archive handling, enhanced codeview types, XMM registers, ARM64 registers, and CLR token maps.

  • The import of call frame information (CFI) from PDBs is now more detailed. For example, crashes that happen within a function’s prolog, or from a hardware interrupt, can now be properly unwound.

  • Various enhancements to reporting of inline functions, including better handling of overlapped and nested inlines, fixes for missing inlines, and more accurate function addresses.

  • Source information reported for a call stack frame, such as line numbers, is now more accurate.

  • Selection of the context, thread or exception, within a minidump is now more robust and helps generate call stacks with more relevant information.

  • Reduced log spam.

  • Enforce SHA256-format fingerprints in _mod_fingerprint. Any custom fingerprint not matching a SHA256 hash is silently converted into such a hash.

  • Improved deduplication in face of differing module names.