backtrace-coronerd 1.58.50

This release is recommended for all users. This release includes support for improved symbol demangling, improved startup times, and bug fixes.


  • Improved symbol demangling can be enabled by installing the backtrace-libllvmdemangler package. This helps with newer C++ symbols (esp. C++17 and newer).

  • Post-aggregate HAVING queries now support float comparisons for mean aggregates.


  • Workflow transaction batch sizes are now limited to 250 by default to avoid infinite retries of failing workflow processes. The batch size is configurable by setting the value of max_transaction_range in coronerd.conf.

  • Multiple improvements for robuster and faster symbol processing, call stack and exception unwinding, minidump, PDB, and DWARF parsing.

  • Improvements to fix memory and file descriptor leaks.

  • Improved failure reporting for symbol processing.

  • Improved startup time and memory usage significantly for instanceswith a very large number of crashes. The first startup after upgrading will take longer as a migration runs, but subsequent startups should be considerably faster, unless all of the crash metadata has been replaced between service restarts.

  • Debian postinst scripts no longer fixup systemd services in containers. This fixes FIPS container upgrades.