backtrace-coronerd 1.57.66

This release is recommended for all users. This release includes support for unique events, demangling swift symbols, “application not responding” plcrash reports, bugfixes and security improvements.


  • Unique events let coronerd count keyed client-side events like the number of distinct accounts that have started a game in the past 24 hours, in order to normalise error rates against such metrics.
  • The backtrace-swift package lets coronerd demangle swift symbols.
  • Error reports in the plcrashreporter format can now specify the faulting tid; this lets such reports integrate ANR information.
  • Server-side actions can now specify an execution probability. For example, it is now possible to drop 90% of crashes where a given attributes matches a regular expression.


  • More robust and accurate parsing of pdb files.
  • More robust and accurate parsing of minidump files.
  • More robust parsing of dSYM files.
  • More verbose decoding of windows exception records.
  • Improved startup times for projects with hundreds of millions of indexed errors.
  • Lower memory usage for projects with millions of attachments.
  • Downloading large attachments from coronerd does not affect its memory usage anymore.


  • Stricter validation around the update of user configuration.
  • Only superusers may delete projects.
  • Guest users may not perform any administrative action.