backtrace-coronerd 1.55.50

This release is recommended for all users. This release includes support for summed events, extensions to the submission actions features, small improvements to the query engine, bug fixes and security improvements.


  • Summed events let coronerd count aggregated client-side events like how many times players have started a game, in order to normalise errors rates against such metrics.


  • Submission actions can now act on callstacks in .btt submissions.
  • String-valued attributes can now be filtered with less-than, at-least, and other relation operators.
  • When sorting groups, ties are now broken consistently, so pagination will not skip or repeat groups that, e.g., include the same number of errors.
  • Improved latency for web console requests.
  • Fixed a crash caused by a race condition in symbols file processing.


  • Coronerd now rejects HTTP requests from IP addresses with too many concurrent connections or too high connection rates. Installations may opt specific IP ranges (e.g., trusted reverse proxies) out of this new rate limiting by editing /etc/coronerd/rate_limit_ips.conf.