backtrace-coronerd 1.53.13

This release is recommended for all users. This release includes various stability improvements and bug fixes.


  • More robust timeout detection for CRDB queries.
  • upload_file now only includes the base name of files to prevent certain kinds of PII-leakage with SDKs that provide the full file path for the part name.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a stability issue related to Proguard deobfuscation.
  • Fixed a space leak associated with shml-log rotation (for morgue log users).
  • Fixed memory leaks associated with nested queries.
  • Fixed a stability issue related to querying filters with NULL values.
  • Fixed an issue with overly strict error checks preventing start-up when signup requests exist for an existing user.
  • Issues will now correctly transition to an open state when removing all assignees.
  • Improved scheduled reports to properly schedule a report after a restart.