backtrace-coronerd 1.48.39

This release is recommended for all users. It improves HTTP & SSL request handling, adds support for generating core files for minidumps, and several query features & performance improvements.


  • Linux x86-64 minidump submissions can now be downloaded as core files.
  • Queries can now use min/max aggregate operations, which work the same way as range, but only returns the appropriate single value.
  • It is now possible to filter on the results of aggregation operations. For example, filter on fingerprints where the number of unique users is greater than N.
  • Nginx proxy now handles POST traffic, enabling POST to be used on console ports directly.
  • Support for ungrouped queries, which allows performing a distinct set of aggregations on grouped queries, that operate on all data from all rows before grouping occurs.
  • HTTP2 support.


  • Nginx proxy now manages SSL connectivity, making external certificate management easier.
  • Improved end-to-end performance of most HTTP requests.
  • Faster query performance, especially for triage view.
  • Performance improvements for regular expression filtering.
  • The range operator now supports strings and applies a natural sort, enabling it to be used for version strings as well.

Interface Changes

  • Object modification is no longer supported via _kv using morgue modify, use morgue set instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Various minor bug fixes.