backtrace-coronerd 1.48.14

This release is recommended for all users. It adds support for managing teams, verbose callstack indexing, and significantly improves performance for query string filters.


  • Teams can now be created by universe administrators, and made members o multiple projects. Multiple teams can be members of any project. Members of a team will have the team’s role within those projects.
  • Users can also be made members of projects, separate from teams, and have a different role than their universe role.
  • When callstack_verbose is set to true in coronerd.conf, objects will have complete callstacks indexed in the callstack.modules, callstack.files, and callstack.functions attributes. For ptrace objects, this requires the companion ptrace 1.32.19 release.
  • Queries now support truncating timestamps to hour or day boundaries.


  • Updated SSL cipher list.
  • More corruption-resilient startup.
  • More consistent query performance.
  • Faster query performance, especially for string filters and u64 attributes.
  • Queries now sort human-readable strings in a more understandable way.

Bug Fixes

  • Various minor bug fixes.