backtrace-coronerd 1.46.23

This release is recommended for all users. It includes significant improvements for retention policies, query performance, and more.


  • Retention policies can now specify that objects be compressed, in addition to deleting. Most minidump & json objects and uncompressed attachments will reduce in size to approximately 20% of original.
  • Introduces immutable objects, which currently consists of compressed objects. Immutable objects may not be reprocessed.
  • Retention policies can have multiple rules with different criteria and actions for each rule.


  • The bin aggregate operation is now significantly faster.
  • The range aggregate operation is now significantly faster.
  • Attributes can now be migrated from non-semver to semver.
  • Scheduled report timeout can now be configured.

Bug Fixes

  • For users of the tenant separator, its value is now advertised in client config, enabling morgue to send invitation emails correctly.
  • The backtrace-proxy service no longer spams its log.
  • Implements limits to the impact of memory usage of PDB processing.