backtrace-coronerd 1.45.8

This release is recommended for all users. It includes updates to PDB processing, database performance improvements, improvements to Proguard and sourcemap processing, improvements to logging and more.


  • Improved logging to provide finer-grained details on corruption issues.
  • Detection of additional types of corruption due to hardware failures.
  • Support for tag changes with attributes.
  • Performance improvements with parallel implementations of the head aggregator.

Issue Management

  • Fixes a stability issue with re-open invariant computation with ticket links.


  • Improvements to extracting corrupt minidump Breakpad streams.

Object Storage

  • Fixes a potential stability issue with object loader start-up on error paths when allocation or rename fails (such as when disk full).

Symbol Support

  • Several improvements to PDB support including handling of type information stream padding, variations in OMAP data and improvements to unwinding accuracy.