backtrace-coronerd 1.44.11

This releases includes significant improvements to database performance, stability and several new features including support for conditional re-open.


  • A new mechanism was added to allow for user-defined invariants to be attached to Backtrace issues that express conditions for re-opening an issue and identifying such re-opened issues. Learn more from our in-application help messages.
  • A new tenant_separator option may be specified inside of the httpd namespace in coronerd.conf. This allows customers to specify custom separator for mutlitenant routing. For example, "httpd" : { "tenant_separator" : "-" }.
  • Custom HTTP headers may now be specified at a per-HTTP end-point basis in coronerd.conf as headers in the httpd namespace. For example, "httpd" : { "headers" : { "api/post" : { "Header" : "Value" } } }.


  • Database filter latency reduced by up to 50%, as well as grouping and unique/distribution aggregate latency reduced by up to 85% on large data sets.
  • Certain queries that may have taken seconds will now take 2-3x less time.

Bug Fixes

  • Sourcemap post-processing stability improvements.
  • Improves handling of listener re-ordering in service layer configuration generation.