backtrace-coronerd 1.39.13

This includes several performance & stability improvements, as well as support for deduplication configuration, user-configurable symbol servers, and easier on-premise deployment of services. It is recommended for all customers.

This release phases out support for CentOS 6 and Debian jessie.

Features and Improvements

  • Users may now configure custom deduplication rulesets for each project. Rulesets may be associated with specific platforms. They may also take effect before or after the built-in rules.
  • Deduplication rules may now take into account the value of arbitrary attributes.
  • Users may now configure symbol servers for each project.
  • Submissions may now include the _mod_rules=${rulesetname} query parameter. If the ruleset name specifies a disabled ruleset, it will be enabled for that submission.
  • Submissions may now include the _mod_fingerprint query parameter and the fingerprint will be the value specified.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash while parsing .debug_info in symbols on the ARM architecture.
  • Stability improvements.