backtrace-coronerd 1.36.11

This release officially switches to the new web interface, significantly improves Windows memory dump symbolification, improves database performance and includes several other improvements. All users are recommended to upgrade.

Features and Improvements


  • Package structure has changed. PDB conversion tooling is now part of the coronerd package.


  • Support has been added for several propietary extensions in the Microsoft debug information format, which among other things, significantly improves callstack accuracy in the presence of inline and nested inline functions.
  • More information is displayed in JSON resource forks associated with minidump objects.


  • Database performance has improved by 10% to 30% for large aggregations. In addition to this, filter performance has improved significantly for more complex conjunctive filters (orders of magnitude).


  • Multiple search paths are checked by default for workflow integration extensions now, with support for both RHEL-based and Debian-based systems.

Bug Fixes

  • Credential checks for tokens were overly strict and this would result in evaluation credential for already created objects which would result in validation failures on start-up. Credential checks are now scoped to object creation time.
  • Fixes an issue where attributes that override default built-in attributes would be excluded from scrubbing. Previously, overriding attributes was not permitted at all. This only impacts customers leveraging this feature.
  • PLCrashReporter custom attributes are now re-evaluated if database values are cleared.