backtrace-coronerd 1.35.38

This release is required for Console 2.0 and includes many improvements to stability and performance. Packaging has been simplified and the CRDB and libminidump packages are no longer required.

Features and Improvements


  • Package structure has changed. CRDB and libminidump are no longer dependencies on the package and should be removed.


  • Default symbol search paths for both symbold and coronerd now will unconditionally check both debug and code identifier.
  • The multipart HTTP parser now supports a wider-array of boundary characters and is able to handle some standard-breaking conventions seen in some Layer 7 security appliances.
  • text/plain is supported as a key-value part in a multipart object post.
  • Custom error.message attribute values are preferred over the built-in, if a customer attribute is available.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • It is now possible to over-ride default built-in attributes with custom attribute values supplied on object ingestion.
  • TSC synchronization time has been reduced and results in significant improvements to start-up time.
  • Workflow integrations will maintain and report on a running count of successful requests. Both success and failure counters will now consider the results of manual actions.
  • Support has been extended to include file systems that lack fallocate.

Bug Fixes

  • In some rare cases, filters on hierarchical joins and nested selectors would return invalid results. This issue has been fixed.
  • A stability improvement was made to the handling of high transaction identifier alues.
  • Various stability improvements to the HTTP, timerset and symbol conversion subsystems.


  • Some HTTP handlers were not setting a content type, breaking compatibility and allowing for XSS with the Edge browser.