backtrace-coronerd 1.35.31

This release includes support for merging errors.

This version of coronerd requires crdb >= 0.59.8 and backtrace-coronerd-workflow >= 0.30.

This release is recommended for all users, in preparation for Console 2.0.

Features and Improvements

Error Merging

  • Users may now group specific errors, by specifying fingerprints to merge together. This is primarily useful when the callstack-based heuristic results in multiple groups when one is preferred.
  • Two new operations are provided, merging and unmerging, which can be used from the user interface, or directly with morgue:
morgue merge <project> [list of fingerprints]
morgue unmerge <project> [list of fingerprints]
  • The original fingerprints are accessible as a column called fingerprint;original.
  • Users can now associate and query state, owner, ticket, etc. metadata with fingerprints. The new console uses this to enable easier triage of issues.

Workflow Integrations

  • Major new functionality has been introduced to the workflow integration sub-system, including support for manually triggered workflows. It is now possible to configure an integration but disable automated firing of events in response to error activity. This release is required to leverage the latest integration platforms available in Console 2.0.
  • API improvements for interacting with Backtrace issues, this is required for Console 2.0 and for power users with direct API integration. This enables a more convenient interface for interacting with Backtrace issues.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • JSON submissions can now specify classifiers as either arrays of strings or as a space-delimited string.
  • Performance improvements while handling large GET requests.
  • Attachments may now be larger than 4GB in length.
  • SMTP configurations may now be set to skip TLS host verification.

Bug Fixes

  • Several stability improvements to the HTTP, object, retention policy, and query subsystems.
  • Content-Encoding changes are now handled correctly between requests on the same connection.
  • Certain queries now properly return errors instead of invalid result sets.