backtrace-coronerd 1.32.10

This release includes support for more detailed error messages on object submission, several stability improvements to the HTTP and symbol management subsystems and a new session management sub-system. This version of coronerd requires crdb >= 0.56.0.

Features and Improvements

Synchronous Post

A new synchronous post feature has been introduced. If an API token has the object post and synchronous post capability both set, then it is possible to trigger a more verbose path for object submission by setting _mod_sync set to 1. It is also possible to use this flag for session tokens.

Objects that are successfully processed will return a message that indicates:

  • The fingerprint of the object.
  • Whether the object is the first item with that fingerprint.
  • The object identifier.
  • The receive identifier.

On error, a more detailed error message will be returned describing why the error has occurred.

Session Subsystem

A new session subsystem has been introduced, which amongst other things, allows for improved observability into user sessions, improved logging and more secure token generation.

A side-effect of this mechanism is both host-based, cookie-based, header-based and query-string based authentication is now consistently supported across the various HTTP interfaces.

A new morgue sub-command has been introduced, morgue session, which allows for interaction with these new features. Learn more here.

Bug Fixes

  • Several stability improvements to the HTTP sub-system.
  • Stability improvements to symbol management for minidump if a large number of symbol tags are concurrently mutated or if a large number of symbol tags already exist.