backtrace-coronerd 1.28.10

This release includes XBox One support, significant performance improvements to minidump processing, disjunctive queries and various bug fixes.

Features and Improvements

  • Xbox One support is now live. It is possible to submit debug symbols, executable objects and crash dumps from Xbox One systems.
  • Performance improvements to the reception and processing of minidump crash dumps.
  • Significant performance improvements to queries involving disjunction of strings with dictionary column types. This results in greatly improved performance (magnitude or more) for queries involving regular expressions, inverse regular expressions, contains, not contains and not equals.
  • The object store now has the ability to integrate into Intercom for improved on-boarding and customer experience.
  • The default configuration file is cleaned up and includes pre-populated stanzas for dynamic symbol download.
  • The _deleted column is now mandatory. All adapters will set a _deleted value in order to permit look-up when dump object storage sampling is enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Symbol file entries that have no string associated with them will now be treated as symbols with omitted symbol names, instead of being rejected as invalid.
  • Fixes an issue where common JSON escaping code did not properly handle escaping of unicode characters.
  • Fixes various stability issues in the HTTP server sub-system related to cross-thread utilization of timeout timers and multipart session clean-up. These fixes also improve memory utilization and reduce allocator bleed.