Backtrace Unity 3.2.5

Version 3.2.5

  • Added BacktraceClient Initialization method that allows developer to intialize Backtrace integration without adding game object to game scene.
  • Fixed invalid meta file for iOS integration for Unity 2019.2.13f1.
  • HTTP communication messages improvements - right now Backtrace-Unity plugin will print only one error message when network failure happen. Backtrace-Unity will stop printing failures until next successfull report upload.
  • Sampling skip fraction - Enables a new random sampling mechanism for unhandled exceptions - by default sampling is equal to 0.01 - which means only 1% of randomply sampling reports will be send to Backtrace. If you would like to send all unhandled exceptions to Backtrace - please replace 0.01 value with 1.

Be aware

By default Backtrace library will send only 1% of your reports - please change this value if you would like to send more unhandled exceptions to server.