Backtrace Unity 3.0.3

This release includes significant improvements to performance by way of report filtering as well as improved performance diagnostics. Learn more below.

  • BacktraceClient now supports report filtering. Report filtering is enabled by using the Filter reports option in the user interface or for more advanced use-cases, the SkipReport delegate is available in BacktraceClient.

Sample code:

  // Return true to ignore a report, return false to handle the report
  // and generate one for the error.
  BacktraceClient.SkipReport = (ReportFilterType type, Exception e, string msg) =>
    // ReportFilterType is one of None, Message, Exception,
    // UnhandledException or Hang. It is also possible to
    // to filter based on the exception and exception message.

    // Report hangs and crashes only.
    return type != ReportFilterType.Hang && type != ReportFilterType.UnhandledException;
  • Support for backtrace-unity timing observability. To enable sending performance information to Backtrace set theEnable performance statistics option in the UI. Attributes are created under the performance.* namespace, time unit is microseconds:
    • Report creation time (,
    • JSON serialization time (performance.json),
    • Database add operation time (performance.database),
    • Database single send method time (performance.send),
    • Database single flush method time (performance.flush)
  • Improvements to JIT stack frame parsing.

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