Backtrace Unity 3.0.0

New Features

  • The backtrace-unity library (Backtrace) now allows detection of ANR (Application not responding) events on Android devices.
  • Unhandled exception output from the Unity runtime and executables is now prominently displayed in the Debugger.
  • Backtrace will try to guess unhandled exception classifier based on exception message/stack trace.
  • Backtrace now allows you to add Unity player.log file as an attachment.
  • Backtrace now allows you to add a screenshot as an attachment when an exception occured.
  • Backtrace now allows you to capture last n lines of game logs. You can define how many lines of logs Backtrace should store by settings Collect last n number of logs property in the Unity editor.
  • Backtrace will capture any native Unity Engine crash dumps on Windows OS.
  • Backtrace will capture and index native metadata from the Android OS as Backtrace Attribuces, including vm, system.memory, and device details.
  • Backtrace allows you control whether or not a report should send via the BeforeSend event. If you return a null value from a BeforeSend event, Backtrace will discard the report and not send.

General Improvements

  • BacktraceClient, BacktraceReport, BacktraceData, BacktraceData and BacktraceDatabase now allow users to pass attributes in dictionary form with string key and string values. Attributes must now be provided with the Dictionary<string, string> data structure to allow the serializer to be as fast as possible.
  • Removed dependancy on 3rd party JSON.NET library to reduce the size of the package. Backtrace-unity now provides it’s own serializer for BacktraceReport usage.
  • Further reduction in size of Backtrace.Unity assembly with BacktraceJObject.
  • BacktraceDatabase won’t try to deserialize BacktraceReport anymore - because of that, callback api won’t return BacktraceReport object in BacktraceResult.
  • BacktraceDatabase won’t use anymore Add method with BacktraceReport parameter. Instead, BacktraceDaatabase will use Add method with BacktraceData parameter. Previous Add method is deprecated and will be removed in next major release.
  • Support has been improved for parsing unhandled exception output from the Unity runtime and Unity executables.

NOTE: When migrating from previous releases, there is an API change that developers will want to uptake for attribute submission. Specifically, attribute definitions previously used a signature attributes: new Dictionary<string, object>() { { "key", "value" } }, In this release, we made a change to require a string for the value instead of an object for faster performance. attributes: new Dictionary<string, string>() { { "key", "value" } },

Bug Fixes

  • Annotation name typo - updated children from childrens