Backtrace Unity 2.0.0

This release includes updated library lists and improved packaging.

  • Backtrace-Unity plugin will set "Destroy object on new scene" by default to false.
  • Backtrace stack trace improvements,
  • BacktraceDatabase retry method now respect correctly BacktraceDatabase retryInterval property,
  • New Backtrace Configuration won’t override existing Backtrace Configuration in configuration directory.
  • Backtrace-Unity plugin tests now won’t override some files in Backtrace-Database unit tests,
  • Backtrace-Unity plugin now allows you to setup client side deduplication rules via Fingerprint. By using this field you can limit reporting of an error that occurs many times over a few frames.
  • Backtrace report limit watcher feature now will validate limits before BacktraceReport creation.
  • BacktraceClient and BacktraceDatabase now expose Reload method. You can use this method do dynamically change BacktraceClient/BacktraceDatabase configurations.