backtrace-source-code 1.5.2

This release enables automatic submodule discovery, Perforce server selection rules, and supports including a changelist ID in Perforce lookups using a custom attribute.


  • Submodules - Automatically discover and clone git submodules when this feature is enabled on the parent repository. A checkbox for this feature is available in the repository configuration screen.
  • Perforce server selection rules - A new section in the source code configuration screen allows for creating rules like “if filename matches regex, use this Perforce server.” A common use-case for this would be to create one server with depot paths pointing to development branch code, and another server with depot paths pointing to production code, and then target them individually using the rules.
  • Perforce changelist ID - Configure Perforce lookups to make use of a custom attribute which contains the changelist ID. This allows for more targeted and faster lookups.

Minimum requirements

  • Console version 3.16.32 for submodule support.
  • Console version 3.17.4 for Perforce server selection rules.
  • Console version 3.17.7 for Perforce changelist ID.